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      The Inventory of Guiding Principles is based on the theory of values developed by Shalom Schwartz (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem). We developed it in line with the ComProfiles® model.
A person’s guiding principles correspond to what he/she thinks is important in life. They serve as an internal compass, guiding him/her in his/her crucial decisions.
The inventory and the communication profile reveal the two factors which drive a person’s motivation, choice of action and behaviour: on the one hand, what is important to him/her, and on the other, his/her behavioural preferences.
For the CCT (Coach-Consultant-Trainer), the inventory of guiding principles enables him/her to fine-tune a person’s psychological profile.
Additionally, the comparison of results from these two tools can highlight the areas of convergence or differences between what is important in the coachee’s life and his or her behavioural preferences. For the coach, it can be a focus for investigation.